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    Default Kudos to Saleae for service

    HI All,

    Not really an advert, I felt guilty putting it anywhere else.

    I dont sell, or have any interest in Saleae, just a comment on excellent service on a product that I have found very useful.

    I have a couple of decent analog Tek scopes but found that more and more, I needed a logic analyzer. I couldn't stomach another new scope (digital) so I took a chance on a Logic pod from them a few years ago. I have grown very fond of it, and it has allowed me to work through a number of problems. The only real gripe that I have with it is that they chose to make the ground wire grey and used black for one of the signal inputs. Minor, but still a quirk.

    Well, the other day it started to become reluctant to connect through USB. Sometimes it would, sometimes it wouldn't. It finally decided that it didn't want to play anymore even on different machines and with a fresh software reload.

    An email to them asking for suggestions netted me a quick response to check the usual suspects. I did and answered back. Their next email confirmed that it was probably bad. All of this happened within the same day and at the end of the day, I got a message that a new one was on the way via second day shipping. I was impressed. They offered the new one before they even confirmed who I was or where I purchased it.

    I have had limited exposure to other competing products, and there may be ones that fit your needs better, but this one has done what I have asked of it, and they seem very willing to stand behind them. In my book, that makes it a good purchase.

    Just couldn't resist giving credit to a company that still considers customers important.


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    Default Re: Kudos to Saleae for service

    Saleae makes a fantastic product. Not surprised that their customer service is excellent as well.

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