WE are using VDRIVE2 with Firmware Ver 03.66VDAPF.We are interfacing it with our USB device which is a fingerprint sensor Morphosmart MSO CBM.Details of the Slave Device (fingerprint sensor):
- Communication Class Device in accordance with USB Device Class Specifications version 2.0
- The Device use full speed transfer rate of 12Mbits/s
- Compatible with USB 1.1 and USB 2.0 hosts and hubs
WE tested our sensor with a GET DESCRIPTOR string using the command mode. We are getting desired response when we send the 'DRD' command. But, on our application we don't want the command

interface. We want to send/receive data transparently (i.e. w/o using any commands).
The GET DESCRIPTOR string is a data that we send to the sensor , after which the sensor replies:
Mobi5 Serial Number: 0944

This is our GET DESCRIPTOR string (18 Bytes):
$53$59$4E$43$04$00$00$00$FB$FF$FF$FF$05$01$00$2F$4 5$4E
In the above string $53 is a hex value, so we are sending 18 bytes written above in HEX format. We send these values using a Windows XP PC serial PORT. On the PC we are using Terminal v1.9b

software (Bray++) and we send hex data using the transmit macros field in Terminal software.
Now while testing, we used the device in command mode initially. Selected the device SC 1 and then pulled the DATAREQ line (pin 36 of VNC1L) low (0V), after that the DATAACK line also became low.

So now vdrive2 is in DATA MODE. But, now if we send the GET DESCRIPTOR string then we DON'T get the desired response. Rather we don't get any response from the device. Thus, we fail to interface

the sensor in data mode.

But the same can be done successfully using command mode only and the following is the device log:
Command mode successful trial log:
qd 0
qd 1
sc 1
dsd 18
%%%%%%%% Comment: send the GET DESCRIPTOR string (18 Bytes) using the transmit macros field in Terminal software. %%%%%%%%%%%%

$10 $00
$01 $20 $81 $10 $00 $00 $00 $10 $01 $02 $00 $02 $02 $01 $9B $07 $47 $00 $00 $01 $01 $00 $00 $00 $00 $00 $00 $00 $00 $00 $00 $00
$01 $20 $83 $40 $02 $40 $03 $00 $01 $02 $01 $0A $00 $00 $9B $07 $47 $00 $00 $01 $01 $00 $00 $00 $00 $00 $00 $00 $00 $00 $00 $00
Mobi5 Serial Number: 0944D:\>

Our objective is to interface without using any commands after we select the device (i.e. after sc 1). We want to send our data (for eg. the GET DESCRIPTOR string ) directly to the sensor and get

the response from the sensor without using any commands.
p.s.We have also tried the VCDC firmware and failed in a similar manner i.e. we didn't get any reply from the sensor.