I am doing my final year project on designing constant current pic controlled boost converter, boost converter which as the load resistance changed the output current still remained constant.
  • Also Up to now i have a boost converter circuit and i managed to use pwm module to produce varying duty cycle, i managed to use this varying duty cycle to produce varying output voltage.
My problems until now
  • Earlier i adviced to use adc to read feedback signal i managed to do that but i failed to continue
  • I don't know how to do so that to have a constant current at the load, i lack a technique here on how to link this code so that to accomplish my task
i attached my circuit and code so that you can help me

duty      VAR WORD  ' Duty cycle value (CCPR1L:CCP1CON<5:4>)
Feedback  var word
Result    var  word
Reference var word
Value     var  word   
   TRISA = %11111111
   TRISB = %11111111
   TRISC = %11111011       ' Set PORTC.2 (CCP1) to output
   CCP1CON = %00001100  ' Set CCP1 to PWM 
   T2CON = %00000101    ' Turn on Timer2, Prescale=4
' Use formula to determine PR2 value for a 1KHz signal, 
' 4MHz clock, and prescale=4. (4E6/(4*4*1E3))-1=249
   PR2 = 249      ' Set PR2 to get 1KHz out
' Use formula to determine CCPR1L:CCP1CON<5:4> value for
' ends of range 0% to 100%.  (249+1)*4*0.2=0 (0% value)
' (249+1)*4*1=1000 (100% value)
   duty = 0      ' Set duty cycle to 0%
   LED1   VAR  PORTB.1
   adcin 0, feedback
   adcin 1, reference         
   CCP1CON.4 = duty.0   ' Store duty to registers as
   CCP1CON.5 = duty.1   ' a 10-bit word
   CCPR1L = DUTY >> 2
   duty = duty + 10     ' Increase duty cycle
' Since the total sweep of duty is 600 (1000-0) and 
' we are adding 10 for each loop, that results in 100
' steps min to max. 1 second divided by 60 = 10mS            
   Pause  10  
    TOGGLE LED1          ' Pause 1/60 of second
   IF (duty < 1000) Then mainloop  ' Do it again unless 80% duty cycle
   duty = 0           ' Reset to 0% duty cycle
   GoTo mainloop        ' Do it forever