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    Cool read command of EEprom errors

    Hi guys ,

    this bit of code is giving some strange results when i look at the values loaded into the test Variable STDByteTmp which i cant explain and solve

    the code is to read the values stored on the eeprom into a varable pointed to by V

    what is happening is that V is counting ok and reading the values of location 1 and 2 correctly into STDbyteTmp , but as V counts to 3, it appears to load the value stored at location 3 ( $7 ) into V and then V goes to value of 8 and i cant see why this the case.

    all the variables are defined as byte and i can see the data in the eeprom is correct

    can someone tell me why this is the case



    DATA @1,$9,$8,$7,$6                                ' stores these values from location 1  to the eeprom at programming time
     For V = 1 to 4
             read V,STDByte(V)                           ' read from location 1 - 4  data byte
             STDByteTmp = STDByte(V)                ' get into temp var   for testing
     next V

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    Default Re: read command of EEprom errors

    well found the problem after a lot of playing , the variable STDByte did not have number of elements defined for an array variable

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