HI All,

I have come across a couple of Solartron IMP's (Isolated Measurement Pods).
From their site: http://www.solartron-imp.com/product...ment-imps.aspx
"The Solartron distributed data acquisition network consists of a number of distributed front-end measurement devices called Isolated Measurement Pods (IMPs) and a proprietary local area network called S-Net."

They are really nice data acquisition modules that communicate over their supply lines. Since I didn't get the controller card, I have had a bugger of a time trying to find a definition of the protocol and would love to be able to put them to use.

They offer a USB to S-Net converter, http://www.solartron-imp.com/product...4U/35954u.aspx but I'm not quite ready to dish out $2600 for personal use.

Have any of you seen this protocol or have any idea how to talk to these? It would be a shame to have to scrap them.