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    Default How to Interface PIC24FJ256GA110 with an Arduino UNO?

    Can anyone help me with the code in interfacing Cubesatkit PIC24FJ256GA110 with an Arduino UNO. We are using PIC as Master and Arduino UNO as Slave. We have written some code but its not working.

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    Default Re: How to Interface PIC24FJ256GA110 with an Arduino UNO?

    Hi, Sharath

    You're definitly NOT aboard the right forum !!!

    1) PicbasicPro do not support the Pic 24

    2) Arduino is not the thing to talk about here

    3) Here, we are supposed to talk BASIC ...

    ************************************************** ***********************
    Why insist on using 32 Bits when you're not even able to deal with the first 8 ones ??? ehhhhhh ...
    ************************************************** ***********************
    IF there is the word "Problem" in your question ...
    certainly the answer is " RTFM " or " RTFDataSheet " !!!

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    Default Re: How to Interface PIC24FJ256GA110 with an Arduino UNO?

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