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    Default LCDIN not working?

    I am able to write to the display (20x4) but unable to read any characters out. I would like to use the ohm symbol and a few others. The last result has been an all dark segment in the first position. I have tried different addresses from the ASC11 and the Japanese fonts columns, same result. At one time I did get it to show some stray garbage spread out across the entire screen. The R/W line is directly connected to RD2 and is DEFINED properly. Using a 16F877. Code snip....

    PAUSE 100
    LCDIN $F4,[Ohm] 'LCD ohm character to var Ohm
    LCDOUT $FE,1 'Clear Screen
    LCDOUT $FE,2 'Return Home
    LCDOUT Ohm 'LCD show character ohm
    pause 5000

    This should put out the ohm symbol to the LCD?
    Any ideas? Thanks ,RC.

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    Default Re: LCDIN not working?

    You can only read CGRAM and DDRAM from an LCD.
    You can't read the CGROM character font tables.

    If all you want to do is display the ohm character, just LCDOUT $F4.

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