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    Default Important !

    Dear Forum Members,

    help other members to help you by telling them (in the subject) as precise as possible what your question is about :

    A thread with a subject:
    Need Help

    and a Message Text:
    My code compiles ok, but doesn't run

    will not lead to success.

    BEFORE you start a thread:

    - See the FAQ Click Here

    - search the Forum Click Here

    - search the PICLIST Click Here

    If you decide to start a thread:

    - choose an appropriate category and do NOT post the same thing in multiple categories!
    - give as much information as you can. (code and schematic)

    When your problem has been solved please let the members know that it has been solved
    and tell them what the solution was.
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    Default To start a new thread:

    - click on FORUM on the top bar of the forum.
    - click on a forum that best fits the topic you wish to discuss.
    - click POST NEW THREAD.
    - enter a meaningful title.
    - enter your question, code, schematics or any other relative information in the text box.
    - click on GO ADVANCED for more features.
    - click SUBMIT NEW THREAD.

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