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    Default Moving to PBP3 from 2.6 and MPLab

    I just got my PBP 3 setup and I'm about to install it. However, this situation makes an old healed-over software tools injury itch.

    I was using MPLab 8.60 and PBP 2.60a. I have a substantial code base, including some stuff I need to compile without spending a week sorting out tools compatibility issues.

    1. Does installing PBP 3 require disconnecting/uninstalling PBP2.60a? That is, can I leave 2.60a there as a fallback?
    2. I believe PBP3 will successfully compile programs which compiled correctly under 2.60a. Is this correct? (that is, make me feel better )
    3. Can I plug PBP3 into MPLab 8.6 without also having to upgrade MPLab, thereby violating the rule to never change more than one tool at a time?
    4. Assuming 1, 2, and 3, can *both* PBP3 and 2.60a be plugged into MPLab and selected as alternate language suites?

    I appreciate any pointers.

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    Default Re: Moving to PBP3 from 2.6 and MPLab

    1) PBP3 will install as its own entity, in a separate folder, with its own set of device specific .inc files, completely isolated from any other versions so you can safely have both. I've got 2.6 and 3.0 installed and have been switching between them. I don't use MPLAB as my IDE though so I don't know about having both "plugged in".
    2) It should. However, if you're setting the CONFIG-bits from within your code (as opposed to relying on the deafults in .inc files) PBP3 changes the way the CONFIG-bits are handled - to the better. I think that the old way is still supported but don't take my word for it. When you install PBP3 you'll get the manual as .pdf, open it up and check the #CONFIG/#ENDCONFIG directives.
    3) Personally I don't use MPLAB as IDE so I can't say for sure.
    4) Don't know. Hopefully someone else does.


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