I'm a beginner wanting to program PIC chips using BASIC. I have downloaded the Amicus stuff, but also bought the PIC book by Chuck Hellebuyck, who uses the MELabs free compiler PBC.
I am completely baffled by one of his I/O commands for the direction register.
To control the PORT direction , Microchip use the convention 0 = output; 1 = input. Of course, that is in Assembler.

In Hellebuyck's book he attempts to flash an LED using PIC 16F876 (pp135-6 in my copy).
To set the direction he uses a command DIRS ( that isnt DIR$, BTW ).
There are 2 problems:
1. the command is %00000001 to set RB0 as output. Well, he may be right, but it makes no sense to me.
2. There is no reference to this command anywhere in the book, or, for that matter, in another website I looked at with a long list of 150 BASIC commands. Duh!

Can any kind soul explain this one to me?