This post should maybe have been put in the "wish list" forum. But I am hoping for a quicker result in this forum!

Using 18F87K22 (or 18F67K22) in a temperature logger application, with multiple sensors and a very long (>200m) 1-wire bus.
And PBP 3.0.

With the OWIN and OWOUT commands, we are addressing only one port of the PIC, and we have only a limited 1-wire master, no slew rate control, no impedance matching, limited pull-up current, so only good for relatively "low-weight" load (small number of sensors on the line, short line length).

No problem to implement the external component part of the advanced 1-wire network driver from Maxim's application note #244, on the hardware side. This gives slew rate control, higher pull-up current and impedance matching, allowing a longer line with more sensors.

But PBP's OWIN and OWOUT control only one hardware line, to implement this design in PBP we need these commands to interface to 3 lines, called DPU, Sense and Drive on the application note, with the timings as per the application note.

Having seen Darrel's magic with mods to library files before (splitting LCDOUT across multiple ports), anyone like to venture something on the feasability of doing something similar, so I could use the OWIN and OWOUT commands in PBP, after modifications of the corresponding sections of the pbppic18.lib file, to split the i/o function and drive over these 3 lines?