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    Default Servo speed, from potentiometer


    I am trying to find on web for some example of slowing down servo speed using potentiometer, but I cant find it.

    I am using PIC 16f877A and I have a potentiometer connected on AN0 pin, and when I move potentiometer servo moves same. If I move potentiometer to one end very fast servo will go fast to, so how can I reduce that speed. I mean can I program it to move slower no metter how fast I rotate potentiometer ??


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    Default Re: Servo speed, from potentiometer

    Add a small delay between the reading of the pot and the execution of the servo routine.

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    Default Re: Servo speed, from potentiometer

    Hello again,
    So I am thinking . . . you get your adc result and store it into a variable . . . . call it smartie, just because I never liked using dummy.
    So then give your pulseout variable a different name . . . say we call it value.
    then use a for next loop
    For value = 0 to smartie
    pulseout pin value
    pause 10
    next value
    Just my thoughts . . .
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