out of memory using DT-ints-14 and 16F610

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    Default out of memory using DT-ints-14 and 16F610

    wanted to use tmr2 interupts and DT-INTS...
    The 16F610 only has 128 bytes of ram...
    As far as i was aware, DT-INTs uses only enough ram to save the state registers...

    It can't save WSAVE1 to 3 and WSAVE, RR1-SAVE, RR2-SAVE, RS1-SAVE and RS2-SAVE as well as one of my vars the is one byte...

    my code only uses 5 bytes of memory to store it's vars...

    Is their anything that can be done?

    I'm using TMR2 for software PWM, i've seen DT's SPWM, but the question is, does it use less RAM?

    Any help appreciated

    Tried DT SPWM, it's better in that it can only not save WSAVE1-3 and WSAVE.
    Any help appreciated
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    Actually, the 16F610 only has 64 bytes of ram.

    So it's similar to the 16F676, which I added up the bytes used for in this thread ...

    ASM handlers are the way to go on those memory challenged parts.

    There are 3 versions of SPWM. (SSPWM, Multi-SSPWM and SPWM_INT).
    They should all work, as they are all ASM type interrupts.


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