Christmas star crisis (again!)

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    Default Christmas star crisis (again!)

    For the last two years you guys have helped to get my Christmas star operational. Once again I have dug out the source code and tried to compile it but get errors. The start of the code (which is where the error seems to be ) is as follows:
     @ DEVICE pic16f887,intrc_osc_noclkout
    ansel = %00000000
    delay var word
    fastflash var word
    PORTD = 0
    PORTA = 0
    PORTC = 0
    TRISD = 0
    TRISA = 0
    TRISC = 0
    fastflash = 150
    Last years error was caused by my not telling the compiler which chip I wqas using ! This time I have done that but still get the following errors:
    Warning[207]c:\programs\mechanique\mcs\xmas1.asm 138: Found label after column 1. (DEVICE)
    Error[122]c:\programs\mechanique\mcs\xmas1.asm 138:Illegal opcode (pic16f887)
    I realise I have done something dumb (I seem to make an annual habit of it ) but would gretly appreciate any help as my public are waiting for the "Star of David" to appear outside my house !

    Thanks in advance
    David M
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    That just means that MicroCode Studio is using MPASM for the assembler.

    Go to View > Compile and Program Options > Assembler tab and uncheck the Use MPASM checkbox.

    Then it will use the PM.exe assembler.

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