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    Anyone in the UK looking for a challenge ?

    I have just completed the PCB layout for a new project but I have been unable to route it as a single sided board, and don't have the ability to make double sided boards. So there's the challenge. Is there anyone in the UK who can make a double sided board of 200mm x 153mm?

    Obviously I would be willing to cover the cost of materials, and postage etc, but the 150 - 200 quotes that I'm getting from various online PCB houses is way out of my budget

    I have access to OHT material, and a laser printer (not used for some time), or I can send files from Diptrace / possibly Gerber (not tried exporting in that format yet)

    Could I ask anyone interested to please either drop me a PM or e-mail (via the profile) to discuss this further.

    Many thanks

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    I have jobs going through this week, depending upon the complexity of your layout, number of PTH, number of drill changes, etc I might be able to squeeze you onto a panel and minimal cost. No screen print, no solder resist, just a copper prototype with tin plate.

    You woulkd need to send me the gerbers and NCD files in zip format lester at crownhill.co.uk


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    Hi Lester,

    That is very good of you... I'm getting to grips with Diptrace, so will have to work out how to export the gerber files. Alternatively I could send you the diptrace files and let you use the free diptrace software to export them in the correct format you require.

    basically there are around 296 pins (connections)

    Here's the layout

    I'll drop you an e-mail and we can work out something to cover your costs.

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    Default Excellent service from Lester and Crownhill

    Well, just my luck. I sent the gerber files to Lester and whilst in the process the machine developed a fault, resulting in one side of the board being milled slightly too deep. Lester sent me the board anyway and all I can say is WOW !!!!

    The board is above my expectations -

    If anyone needs a quick turn-around prototype board I would strongly recommend contacting Lester and requesting a quote. You simply send him the gerber files and drill files and he'll give you a price depending on the workload.

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