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    Question Pro upgrade clarification

    I need to install Pro to a new laptop running Win 7 64 bit. Would it be better to upgrade from 2.47 to 2.6 or try the patches. Also same question about going from the USB programmer Vr. 4.21 to ?. I was unclear about both upgrades and the cost of doing so. Thanks for this info.

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    Default 64 bit compatibility

    does this imply that PBP 2.6 works with 64 bit OS. I havn't tried on my new puter running xp 64 bit thinking it isn't compatible.
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    I've just been thru that..... PBP2.60 runs fine on Win7 64bit, I haven't tried 2.50 or 2.47. MicroCodeStudioPro also runs on Win7 64bit but depending on the version you initially install you may need to do some tweaks to get it updated and running properly. See this thread for more details about it. Also see these notes on meLabs site.

    Can't say anything about the USB programmer software, I don't have one


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