Jingle bells, jingle bells... Christmas is coming soon. In order to celebrate Christmas, ALLPCB now hold an activity " Finding PCB Christmas Tree " from 2018.12.17 to 2018. 12. 25 in Facebook.

Activity Rules :

1. Log in Facebook and search @ALLPCBOfficial

2. Post your PCB Christmas tree or the PCB Christmas tree you have seen to the comment area. The tree is made with PCBs and each person can only comment for once.

3. The top 5 comments which win most quantity of " like " will get coupon. ( " like " should more than 10 or invalid )

Top 1 can receive $60 coupon

Top 2 can receive $50 coupon

Top 3 can receive $40 coupon

Top 4 can receive $30 coupon

Top 5 can receive $20 coupon

( by the way, register ALLPCB now and you will get $10 coupon as well. )

Activity Time: From 2018.12.17 to 2018. 12.24, the result will be announced at 2018.12.25.

The PCB Christmas tree can bring you fun and win ALLPCB coupon, why not join us?

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