How to make your own PIC network

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    Hi everybody,

    Since a few time, i see some request or some application that involve some kinda PIC networking. Here's a package which include schematic and code for The MASTER and SLAVEs.

    Yep it's only one very simple example but can give a hand for some user who want to do something like this.

    I've use PIC16F628 with SEROUT and SERIN2 statements.

    WHY ? The reason is simple, many user ask about those statement or have some PIC without any internal USART like the Ralph's favorite PIC16F84. Sorry Ralph...

    The communication is made @ 2400 bauds.

    Hope this can be handy for some people around here.
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    Default Help on error message..

    Hi everyone,
    I'm trying to explore the PIC network and I got this error message...hope you can guide me..
    Error[118] c:\pic_ne~1\master~1.asm 53: Overwriting previous address(2007)

    thanks in advance,

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    the above should tell you what to do.
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    Thanks for the link mackrackit...

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