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    Default please tel me how to make a gprs connection

    please i need to know how to make a gprs connection with a telit gm 862/gps
    with pbp.
    many thanks.

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    Welcome to the forum.

    After having plugged in the antenna, SIM card, and serial cable. Power on the unit, open up a serial port communication program ( HyperTerminal or any other serial com program) and connect @ 115200 bps, 8 data bits, no parity, 1 stop bits, no flow control.

    Sending the proper AT commands should result in the message "OK" being received.

    The device supports standard AT commands therefore it should be possible to use some code already tested. Search the forum for that.

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    You just want to connect to a network, or you want from one gprs modem to connect to another gprs modem?

    Like the old way of calling in dial-up connection from one modem to another?

    If you want the later, I am afraid you cannot do that as the Network Provider gives you dynamic IP and you have to put in the middle a Server to forward the data packets. This Server should have a static IP or at least something like DynDNS.

    If anyone has any other idea please reply. This is bothering me for a long time...


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    Default gprs


    thanks for You reply,
    that who i need are the at commands for a gprs connection of a gm862 connectd with a pic 18f2620 and pic basicpro.

    thank You in advance

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    Modem manufacturers usualy publish the AT comands here is a link for Telit

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