16F946 pcb footprint (64 tqfp)

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    Default 16F946 pcb footprint (64 tqfp)

    Not a schematic question, but closest category I suppose..

    Does anyone have a footprint for this chip for any of the "free" pcb programs?

    been using expresspcb, diptrace, eagle lite..

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    Microchip offers a program...I believe ist a version of UltraLibrarian...and they have most of their parts in libraries for that program...Once installed it can convert these files to library files (footprint and schematic) for other programs such as Eagle lite....check the microchip website...

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    TQFP 64 10x10X1

    is in a microchip.lbr for eagle. Should be able to get the complete library from cadsoft.de downloads if you do not have it already, cannot think of a reason why this should not work with the free versions of eagle.


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