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    Exclamation Access to sim memu

    I need to know the AT command to access and browse the SIM menu.
    There are some push pull services given by the mobile operator. So how i can access the menu by the help of AT command or any other way. I am using SIMCOM gsm module.

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    Sim toolkit command:

    AT^SSTK=? (responce = ^SSTK:)

    AT^SSTK= Length [,Mode] CR


    Length = toolkit command
    Mode = 0 (single command)
    Mode = 1 (sequence of commands)
    CR = carriage return

    The above comand works with Siemens, it should works also with your SIMCOM gsm module

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    hi aratti

    This command do not work in simcom sim300c module.

    Gives an error message.

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