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    Default Programmer For 16f627a

    Hello Folks
    Has anyone got a programmer circuit diagram for pic 16f627A

    Best Regards

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    Where to begin... do you mean ICSP programmer. Do you have any programmer like EPIC, PICSTART, PONYPROG, ICPROG or else.

    BTW if you have any programmer. Here's tips for ICSP:

    If you don't have any programmer. Some folks here will use some free stuff like ICPROG or PONYPROG

    ICPROG :

    we heard also sometime about JDM programmer too. Google search will point you on some other site too.

    On this site look at this thread :

    I'll prefer to use some well known, well supported one like EPIC (Melabs), PICSTART PLUS (Microchip), 844A (BK Precision) or else.

    hope these help you !
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