first problem: The barcode scanner i'm using is a gryphon usb touch lite configured as a rs232 com port. The firmware version I use is v3.64, this because in higher versions the vdip wont pass the data (data mode) through.
more detailed: with v3.64 i'll get a string when i scan a barcode (vdip in data mode). with version 3.66 I receive nothing.

second problem: My code is allmost ready, I can access separatly an usb flash disk and the HID barcode scanner passes his dat through also separatly, but when I connect them both a the same time, I can only acces the usb flash memory. The usb scanner scans, but i can't see any data appearing on the uart. Has anyone experience with switching between the two devices using the "SC 0" or "SC 1" command?

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