Configuring 16F616

THE BOOK of DT's INTERRUPTS is an organization of interrupt service routines and other works written by Darrel Taylor, RIP.

Interrupt routines are arranged per Darrel's original list. Darrel Taylor's Instant Interrupts are an extension of the work of Tim Box whom in October of 2002 wrote INT_CTRL.pbp

Many of the forum members felt this is a long overdue project.

will be a valuable resource and a tribute to Darrel Taylor the "Fanatical Contributor".

THE BOOK of DT's INTERRUPTS is located at

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    Default Configuring 16F616

    First time using a 16F616 and learning there is some different terminology compared to the 16F876A I am used to working with. Can someone confirm this is all correct for listed input and outputs?

    INTCON.7 = 0
    Ansel = 0

    A0=No Connection
    A1=Output to LED
    A2=Output to LED
    A3=Pulsin from outside source
    A4/A5= HS OSC

    C0-3=BCD....learned about PortA weak pull-ups after building board
    C4-5=Outputs to control digital pot.

    I have 10k resisitors pulling up C0-3. However C2 is pulled low, either config is still wrong or the board is bad.

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    In theory it should work, in practice I may have missed something in the datasheet. Comparator are disabled at POR, PWM is disabled and you have disabled the ADC.. what else?

    It's not a bug, it's a random feature.
    There's no problem, only learning opportunities.

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