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    Slave transmits data to master?

    Can the SPI be able to actively send data on both sides like a serial port to cause an interruption?

    Can the slave actively send data to the master? Or must the data be initiated by the master...
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    What does serial data mean?

    What does serial data mean
    Generally speaking, what the CPU deals with is continuous parallel data of 8, 16, 32 bits. The peripherals can only process serial data. What does serial data refer to?...
  3. Can ir2110 be driven by the PWM wave output by msp430?

    Can ir2110 be driven by the PWM wave (high level 3.3v) output by msp430? I want to use 430 MCU and ir2110 to form a switching power supply control circuit.
  4. What is the difference between serial communication and parallel communication?

    On the Internet (I understand this way, I donít know if itís right)
    Parallel: The device that wants to send data will monopolize the parallel bus, and the data will be sent from the bus at once....
  5. All kinds of electronic components are welcome to inquire

    Utmel Electronic is the professional distributor of electronic components, which provides you a large variety of products to save your time, effort and cost with efficient self-customized service,...
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