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  1. Snap-in aluminium capacitor range extended to 500V

    Vishay Intertechnology has extended its 157 PUM-SI series of ultra-miniature snap-in power aluminium electrolytic capacitors with a higher rated voltage of 500V. Designed for power supplies,...
  2. Thin film chip resistor delivers extremely low TCRm

    Vishay Intertechnology introduced an ultra-precision thin film chip resistor that offers a dramatic improvement in TCR and tolerance over previous-generation devices. Available in five case sizes...
  3. Surge Stopper Protects Against Transient Voltages, Currents

    Linear Technology Corporation[/URL] introduces the[URL=""] LTC4364, a surge stopper with ideal diode, providing compact and low-loss protection for 4V to 80V...
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    Knowledge of State Variable Filters

    With the advancement in IC technology, a number of manufacturers now offer universal filters having simultaneous low-pass, high-pass, and band-pass output responses.Notch and all-pass functions are...
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