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    Re: Long ago thre was a variable named "long"

    What about the Word variable size (16 bits I think).
    "w0 VAR word"
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    Re: Good way to divide 10bit adc by 4?

    Left shift 2 bits is my favorite way to do so. But you can only do this to an unsigned value.
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    Re: Serial Comms and Crystals

    TI and Silicon Labs have RH/Temperature devices with an I2C interface in the $5.00 single part range: Si7013, Si7020, Si7021 2%-4% accuracy TI HDC1000 and HDC1008 similar accuracy specification....
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    Re: LED to music code

    Do a google search for "pic color organ code" and you should find lots of examples.
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    Re: PBP3 and DS1307

    The part is only 64 bytes. According to the data sheet:

    The RTC registers are located in address locations 00h to 07h. The RAM registers are located in address locations 08h to 3Fh. During a...
  6. Re: Are Pic pins normally LOW when the PIC is un-powered??

    Most pins on a PIC can drive hi efficiency LEDs directly. Either connect the LED to 5V instead of 12V, or flip the LED and connect it to ground. Size the resistor for 3-5 mA of current at 5V.
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    Re: DS18B20 thermostat

    Are you comparing the temp sensor output data to the value "78" or "780"? If I understand the data format of the temp sensor read code, the data is (temperature * 10) so that you have a resolution of...
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    Re: 24LC256 wrong address at reading

    Looks like you are one byte short on the line you edited. Each line should be 16 bytes plus a checksum. What also looks odd is that the address jumps by
    0x1000 (4k) per line and not 0x10 (16).
  9. Re: Share MCU Pin between enc28j60 and mcp3202

    Typical SPI design allows the CLK, SOUT, and SIN signals to be shared between multiple devices. This is because the CS pin is used to determine which part is active on the bus. So the CS pin of each...
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    Re: Without PIC???

    You can also buy piezo devices that are already configured to output an alarm tone, aka piezo buzzers. Sonalert for one, comes to mind.
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    Take the ASCII value, subtract 0x30, if results is >9 then subtract 0x07. Value should then be in hex. If you want to bounds check then test result to make sure it is >= 0 and < 0x10. Then take the...
  12. Re: Trying to determine dc current - 12v lead acid battery charger

    As Barry pointed out, if you use a 0.47 ohm shunt and are planning to draw 10 amps through it, the resistor will need to be rated for at least 47 watts!!! :eek: Thats a lot of wasted power!! And one...
  13. Re: Trying to determine dc current - 12v lead acid battery charger

    First question is what adc1 and adc2 units are? Are they mV, V, or adc_counts? Translation would depend on that. But basically with a 0.1 ohm shunt you should see 0.1V drop for every amp of current....
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    Re: Change a variable to the opposite?

    Is BCD value 9 the only value that needs translation? Could you actually need a BCD to grey code translation?
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    Re: Best way to read multiple temperatures?

    The only digital sensors I have seen are restricted to semiconductor temperature ranges (-40C to +125C) For the temp ranges you are working with you will have to use analog sensors with conditioning....
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    Re: Solution for 4 wire plug .. anyone ??

    A 5 pin miniDIN connector would fit the bill pretty well. Only a $1.08 from mosuer. Here is a data sheet link:
  17. Re: I2C Communication, PIC 16F616 to Honeywell humiditysensor HIH6131

    FYI my copy of the doc shows step 8 with the R/W bit set to Write (0).

    It looks like they don't follow a standard EEPROM process for reading and writing.
    Writing is pretty straightforward....
  18. Re: I2C Communication, PIC 16F616 to Honeywell humiditysensor HIH6131

    Yup, I got my samples to work fine also. In fact, I found an error in my original design that uses the HIH5031 because the values read back from the HIH6131 was so much lower than I read back from...
  19. Re: I2C Communication, PIC 16F616 to Honeywell humiditysensor HIH6131

    I was worried reading this thread because I am planning to design in the HIH-6131 for a new product. So I prototyped a HIH-6130 sensor into my design and modified the I2C code. I was able to...
  20. Re: I2C Communication, PIC 16F616 to Honeywell humiditysensor HIH6131

    If the first byte is always nack'ed, then there is definetely something wrong. The first byte should always be ACKed if the slave part is functioning and the address is correct. Do you have pullups...
  21. Re: Pic does not respond to SERIN: Serial I/O expander project

    It looks like what would help you the most would be to use a terminal program that has hexidecimal send and receive options. For Windows I like to use realterm. It has a lot of different options for...
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    Re: powering from lithium batteries

    The two diode or diode/resistor was a UL requirement on my design. Lithium coin cells cannot be back charged above a certain current level.
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    Re: powering from lithium batteries

    Standard diodes proably have too high of a reverse leakage current. What I have see as a recommendation is either a schottky diode and a series resistor or two schottky diode in series. At issue is...
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    Re: I2C Slave: how to generate NAck ?

    Well as I read it, the only time a NACK is sent for valid data is when the Master is requesting a sequential read. The Master sends a NACK on the last read to say he is done. But there is no reason...
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    Re: High Voltage analog multiplexers

    The DG406 has a max input of 30V so it would not work in this application. Other than relays, you could use high voltage transistors or FETs but you would have to manage the on/off timing yourself...
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