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  1. Christmas Special Offers on BGA Reball Packs & Tools, U.K Shipping & From China packs-980x280.png

    BGA Reball Packs / Kits Xmas Sale

    Hi Guys as a promotion in the run up to christmas we are slashing the prices of...
  2. Bauer BGA IR PRO SCC V4 BGA Rework Station

    Special Discount to forum members , product can be found here

    We Design & Engineer the Bauer BGA IR PRO SCC so nobody can give you better info on the products features and functions

    we also...
  3. the BGA store | Worldwide Supplier of Electronics repair Tools


    With 12 years of experience in the BGA Rework industry, the BGA store Ltd provides electronics repair tools to customers throughout the world. Founded in 2008, the business is situated in...
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