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  1. Re: Help, please. Can't get things to work at all!

    Thanks folk, managed to solve my noobie teething problems (configuration and alldigital I/O). Sorry to waste your time.
  2. Thread: All Digital

    by marcusk

    Sticky: Re: All Digital

    As a relative noob, exactly what I was looking for.
    I added it to the folder containing pbpx.exe as instructed but on compile Microcode Studio comes back with:
    WARNING: unable to open...
  3. 16F628A Configuring all pins for digital I/O ?

    Hello. Help please! I have a very basic noob question:
    On my 16F628A, How do I configure all my pins as digital I/O ?
    I have been reading all sorts of confusing info about how very important it...
  4. Help, please. Can't get things to work at all!

    I am using PBP3 and a Minipro TL866 to program 16F6218a PICs on a breadboard.
    On the programmer, I set the configuration word to use the internal clock
    The Pics seem to program fine and read back...
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