Instant Interrupts

Instant Interrupts

  1. Darrel Taylor
    Darrel Taylor
    Hmmm, interesting new feature in vBulletin. Let's see what happens.

    Anyone using DT_INTS ?
  2. rxforspeed
    There are supposed to be quite a few new interesting features implemented on this site in the coming months; I can't wait to see them completed...

    As for the "Instant Interrupts", I'm still learing not only the "ropes" of PBP, but basically all I can about PIC MCUs in general. I've not yet used your "Instant Interrupts", but have been studying both your website and this forum while taking in as much info as I can about them. I have added the files in my PBP folder, and I WILL start using them once I learn more about their usage and how I can incorporate them into my programs...

    BTW-thanks for sharing these with this community!
  3. enauman
    I noticed in Daryl's timer template there is a declaration for a variable that has an EXT added on to it. The comments say it is an external variable. I could not find a reference to this in the PBP manual. Can someone explain this to me?


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