DT_INTS-14 update

DT_INTS-14 update

  1. Darrel Taylor
    Darrel Taylor
    To all my loyal fans ... All 6 of you.

    DT_INTS-14 has been updated to version 1.10

    You can download the latest version from http://www.darreltaylor.com/DT_INTS-14/downloads.htm

    If you've been using ver. 1.00, this fixes a problem when the handlers end up crossing a page boundary.

    If you're still using ver. 0.93, there are many more interrupt sources available now.
    Be sure to check the list on the Introduction page.

    Best regards,
  2. Ioannis
    I think you have more than 6 loyal fans!

    Tens or maybe hundreds

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