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    Published on - 23rd January 2011 09:33

    Competitions are subject to the privacy policy and website terms and conditions of picbasic.co.uk, owned and controlled by Crownhill Associates Limited (“Crownhill”).
    The following rules shall apply, together with any instructions or rules specific to any current competition. By entering any of the community run competitions, you are deemed to have accepted the following: ...
    Published on - 23rd January 2011 10:14

    Common Development and Distribution License (CDDL) is a free software license, produced by Sun Microsystems, based on the Mozilla Public License (MPL), version 1.1.

    http://www.opensource.org/licenses/cddl1.php ...
    Published on - 23rd January 2011 10:22

    The Microchip name and logo, PIC, dsPIC, KEELOQ, MPLAB, PICmicro, PICSTART, rfPIC and UNI/O are registered trademarks of ...