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  • PBP 3.0, Amicus18 Loader and IDEs

    This is an attempt to show how to setup Micro Code Studio, MPLAB, and FineLine to be used with PBP3.0 and the Amicus18 boot loader. The Amicus18 board can be used with the PBP 3.0 Experimenter Edition making Pic Basic Pro and Amicus18 the perfect solution for low cost development.

    For testing I am using Windows 7, 32 and 64 bit systems, with everything installed to the default locations.

    The first thing you need to do is install PBP 3.0 along with the MPLAB version that ships with PBP3 and a compatible version of Micro Code Studio. I am using the free version of Micro Code Studio for this article. Then you will need to have installed the Amicus18 package.

    To my pleasant surprise, Amicus18 was already listed as a programmer in Micro Code Studio. Click “View” from the tool bar then select “Compile and Program Options”. In Programmer Options select “Amicus18 Loader”.

    This article will assume you have MPLAB setup with PBP 3.0 as the Language Suit and a project setup. If you need help with that it will be covered in another article.

    MPLAB requires you to setup for each project to use the boot loader. It is not like using one of the pr-installed programmers. Under “Project” from the tool bar select “Build Options...- Project” then select the “Custom Build” tab.

    I the text box under “Post-Build Setup” enter the full system path to the Amicus18 loader along with the full system path the the hex file you want sent to the part.
    In WIN 64 the string will look look this with a space between the path to the loader and the path to the hex file;
    C:\Program Files (x86)\AmicusIDE\Includes\amicus18_loader.exe C:\MAC\SKY\PBP_3\AMICUS\TEST_BLINK\TEST_BLINK_AMIC US.hex

    With WIN32 the string would look like this;
    C:\Program Files\AmicusIDE\Includes\amicus18_loader.exe C:\MAC\SKY\PBP_3\AMICUS\TEST_BLINK\TEST_BLINK_AMIC US.hex

    When you want the code loaded at compile time check the “Post-Build Setup” box.

    I received word from Norm that he is working on a PBP 3.0 compatible version of FineLine, when he is finished with it I will add the information for FL.