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    How to use the Amicus USB bootloader with Micro Code Studio.

    The Amicus 18 is a development board developed by Crownhill setup with an USB boot loader. You can find out more here.

    The hardware is open design and the compiler is free. The compiler uses Proton but the boot loader will work fine with Pic Basic Pro and Micro Code Studio. To begin using this system with PBP and MCS you will need to down load and instal the Amicus 18 compiler.

    Once the compiler is installed start Micro Code Studio.
    From the tool-bar select
    "View-Compile and Program Options"
    then select the "Programer" tab.
    From there select "Add New Programmer".
    Select "Create a custom programmer entry"
    click "Next"
    In the Display Name field enter
    click "Next".
    In the Programmer Filename field enter
    "amicus18_loader.exe . Click "Next"

    The next screen click "Find Manually" . If
    you installed the Amicus compiler to the
    default location the path should be
    "C:\Program Files\AmicusIDE\Includes".
    Click "Next"
    Finally the parameters are set.
    "$long-hex-filename$ -iprogram"
    then click "Finished".

    Now you can "F10" from MCS to
    compile and program the Amicus 18.
    GOTO To get started coding for the