MEL PICBASIC Forum - Today's Post or the Missing Link

  • Today's Post Search or the Missing Link

    With all of the added benefits or the new forum, a useful feature has been lost. This is the "Today's Post" link that was found in the "Quick Links" drop down. Due to compatibility issues with future updates from vBulletin this link can not be brought back.

    But there is a couple of ways to do the same thing using the same amount of mouse clicks once it is set up.
    The first way is to set up the "Advanced Search" feature found in the upper right hand portion of the page.

    Click on "Advanced Search", scroll down to the bottom of the form and and set "Find Post" to "Yesterday -- and Newer", click the "Go" button at the "Save Search Preferences.

    Now every time the "Search Now" button is clicked you will receive post from the last 24 hours.
    Click on image for full size.

    The second option is to build a book mark with a link to post from the last 24 hours. This is the one I like as you do not have to scroll the page back to the top to use it.

    Use the below link in your custom bookmark.

    Make a new bookmark to anyplace on this forum. Go to the "Bookmarks" drop down and click "Organize Bookmarks". Find the new bookmark and change the entries to match the below picture.

    Now you can place the the link in your "Bookmarks Toolbar" and/or move it to the top of your bookmark list.