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- 9th December 2004, 18:49
i need to know if there's anybody here who already work with those Hitachi Graphic LCD (240 x 60) with 10 pins. Model LM258XBN.

The real question is... is there anybody who have the datasheet for that kind of LCDs.

Controllers in the back (1X LC7942, 3 X LC7940).

I already work with optrex one but they don't have the same pin count and, for sure the same specs.

Many regards

- 11th December 2004, 11:08

Probably your display does not have an on-board graphic controller.

LC7940 segment driver:

LC7942 common driver:

Similar display WITH built-in graphic controller T6963C,
LC7940 segment drivers and LC7942 common driver:




- 11th December 2004, 20:33
Thanks Luciano for the info. I'll check those docs and see, if i have enough time to spend, how to make those working.

I got this GLCD from an overstock place 'round here for 10$ so... not a big deal... guy still have 100s in stock. I think he will stick with...

thanks again

- 28th March 2005, 14:50

Does anyone know where there might be a secondary market for this product?

- 28th March 2005, 17:22
i can't help on that. I just put those in the garbage. Too much time consuming. Better to buy those with internal controllers like i use in the past. Was just a guess since they where really cheap here! less than 20$ CAN.

I ask Hitachi several time for some support on this one... never get any answer from them. I follow the links from Luciano and found the whole datasheet for boh drivers... be able to find what to do with but... i just left the project.

No i'm not lazy! i just believe that they don't worth! I know few people who did something with and... TADA on most of them, some lines or column was defect... hehe that's what overstock and cheap stuff gives you sometimes.

it was just my own opinion ;o]