View Full Version : Project with Quickblue

- 22nd June 2008, 18:23

I made a rgb controller which i would like to control by Bluetooth. I recently bought the quickblue module and got it running.

I would like to change the internal program on the module to integrate the module in my project.
I'm using a pic 16f648a in my project which i program with the wisp628 programmer.
How can i reprogram the quickblue?? (what do i need)

Has anybody some suggestions for interfacing with a mobile phone?? What program do you use????

Are there already some projects running with the quickblue???


- 18th October 2008, 02:58
All of the source code, data sheets and other information on quick blue is available for free from the web site www.quickblue.co.uk

To change the functionality, modify the source code - it is fully commented, re compile and reprogram your quickblue device.