View Full Version : Control '1000' Digits 7 Seven Segment LED with one MCU pin

- 6th April 2007, 09:35

I am promoting our new serial 7 segment led display module.
Each module consist of 4 digits LED Display. And the modules can be cascaded and addressable. Up to 255 modules can be cascaded forming 1020 digits ( 255 x 4 )

Only one serial port is required from Microcontroller.

They are several mode of display.
1. Segments control - control of individual segment
2. ASCII characters - Decode and display ASCII character
3. Auto scrolling when sending more than 4 characters.
4. Decimal to BCD decode - decode binary to BCD and display.
( also support signed integers ( negative number )

It has an onboard buzzer which you can send command to beep.

Product name is call SC4Dlite

Details at http://www.siliconcraft.net/

Thanks for viewing
Brian Cheng

- 6th April 2007, 10:50
Looks excellent. Well priced too, considering.