View Full Version : Good news for Pickit2 disapointees

- 31st January 2007, 07:29
I just wanted to share my good news. About a year ago I bought the Microchip USB Pickit2 and was appalled to discover it only supported a few of the newest pics eg 16F690 etc. I nearly 'binned' it but fortunately kept it. My laptop recently packed up and the new one I see to my dismay had no serial port so my trusty Olimex (JDM) programmer won't do. Yesterday (I'm a slow starter) I discovered microchip have released an upgrade to the application s/w and the programmer firmware for Pickit2, downloaded and tested it and I can now use it for all my old faithfulls eg 16F84, 627, 628, 873 etc.

- 31st January 2007, 16:54
Careful, when you use MPLAB it's much limited, but when you're using the Pickit 2 utility, you're, by far less limited.

have a look at this

a <50$ USB programmer good for popular 10F, 16F, 18F AND NOW for some PIC24, DsPIC AND some model in the 18F...J and 18F...K series... really not bad. Nothing ANY JDM or else freebies one actually do.

As i already said here and there, it's probably the best programmer for lower budget, beginner or even for professionals.

I didn't test the debugger so far.