View Full Version : Attention - Folks Posting into FAQ - this is a Moderated Forum...

- 13th July 2004, 21:35
Just a quick note to anyone Posting into the FAQ section of this forum...

1. This is a Moderated Forum, which means that your posting will not appear immediately until one of the forum administrators reads and approves it - now that might not be for a few hours or even a day or so. Don't get upset, the post isn't lost, it's not dissappeared into the darkness of the Internet... it's been safely queued.

2. Hopefully folks will read this FAQ section looking for their problem before posting elsewhere. So think about what you post here and try to word it in a way that someone looking for a solution to their problems will be able to easily determine if the post is applicable to them. To that end I've started by trying to include a short summary at the start of my postings into the FAQ section. Doesn't mean that you have to follow the exact same format though.

Let's all make this section useful, especially to those just starting playing with PICs and MeLabs PIC Basic, so that they don't fall into the same traps and problems we all fell into when we all first started.