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Angus Anderson
- 27th November 2006, 15:38
Hi Forum-
I'm developing a medical alert application using a Telit GSM voice/data modem with a PIC 16F876A for RS-232 & sensing. I would first like to establish bidirectional Data transmission to send status info (no problem)followed by a voice transmission in the same call. I see that the GSM AT command set allows one to change from data mode to command mode and back on the fly, but is it possible to change from data mode to voice mode in the same call (after dumping the data mode) - & if so, what would the GSM AT command be?

Any suggestions gladly accepted

Angus Anderson

- 28th November 2006, 08:58
Hi angus;

I did not really understand what you mean because of my bad english.
But the command

ATD "Your number" is a data call and
ATDT " Your number" makes a voice call

I dont know if it is your solution but if you explain your project and problem much more clear maybe I can help you.