View Full Version : A category for Project Ideas

- 21st June 2006, 17:43
I really think the forum is the best thing on the internet.

Please create a category for Projects (especially including project ideas).
A place to post ideas that members could browse thru when looking for a new hobby project.

Many of the readers on the forum seem to be hobbyists that love the technology, but have no specific project.

Similar to science fair participants needing a seed of an idea. Once they settle upon the goal, they find the journey fun.

We could post ideas that we think are interesting. Users could add their experiences and questions as they pursue the project.

Users could also show projects they are making. Not necessarily to ask question, when they are stuck. More to show what they are doing, or have done.

I remember seeing a post similar to this asking to "show case" projects completed, but could not find it.


- 22nd June 2006, 19:58
I 2nd that idea.

I'm often looking for a new idea for a project and just browse thru this forum looking for ideas.

- 23rd June 2006, 07:29
Hi Adam,

You have my vote for it.

So totally, so far, you got three votes.