View Full Version : Crossing Page Boundary - Solution

Darrel Taylor
- 20th July 2003, 00:35
Hi all,

Are you getting those "Crossing page boundary - ensure page bits are set" message when you compile your program with MPASM?

Since PBP takes care of all that for you (unless you are using BRANCH or ASM), it's really just an annoying warning message.

Here's how you can turn off the warnings. Just place this line somewhere at the beginning of your program.

@ ERRORLEVEL -306 ; turn off crossing page boundary message

Note: this is only for MPASM, does not work with PM


Darrel Taylor
- 24th November 2007, 03:52
I just came across this option in MicroCode Studio.

Never seen it before.
Don't know if I just never noticed it, or if Dave snuck it in with the last update or 2.

But, bright as day, there it is.

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