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- 27th March 2006, 13:16
I've been using the MeLabs Loader bootloader with a 16f876 with no problems. I recently purchased the MicroCode Loader and MicroCode Studio plus which I'm using now with no problems. One bootcode is apparently not compatible with the other.
My question is wether I can overwrite the Meloader bootcode with the MCloader bootcode and if so how?
I currently have 2 16f876's, one with each version of bootcode and I don't want to screw up either pic.

Thanks for your time.

- 27th March 2006, 16:04
Do a full erase on your 16F876, then program it with the MCS loader firmware.
You shouldn't have any problem.

- 28th March 2006, 23:19
Thanks for the help Bruce. Worked great. I even tried a 16f876 that I thought let it's smoke out but that seems to work now also.
Now back to my project of getting this aquarium under control. Temperature sensors, pump status's and lights, sump make-up water, auto feeder, room humidity, oh my!!!
Any way, Thanks a bunch Bruce.

- 29th March 2006, 00:07
Hi ronjodu,

You're most welcome, and best of luck with the project.

If there's any trout or salmon in that tank I'll be happy to to donate some
time on the project..!

OK. I guess I should get away from this stuff & do some real fishiin..:o}