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- 15th March 2006, 18:20
I need some 0.22uF 100V capacitors for a design I'm knocking up in Eagle right now (I took the plunge and got my teeth into Eagle, which I can highly recommend, despite it's not-so-pretty first impressions). The caps are part of a charge pump circuit, and need to be non-polar.

What sort of caps would be suitable, and where would I get them?

Also, does anyone in Australia know where to get a large range of SMD caps?

- 15th March 2006, 19:28
Go there

Digikey is one of my favorite supplier. They provide a really wide selection of products.

Ask them a free catalogue. You'll certainely find what you need.

- 17th March 2006, 08:31
Ahhh, that would be Digikey Austria, I'm in Australia! :)

(Americans and their geography, tut tut :))

Anyone know of any Australian suppliers?

- 17th March 2006, 10:04
Know exactly what you mean when our cousins start talking about Yew-rope (and can you buy it at the store)!

There's two kinds of suppliers our there in the world, those that supply kiddies and hobbyists, and those that supply commercial manufacturers... not knowing Australia's home market for home electronics, and not knowing if you're a commercial player, may I suggest you try some of the 'grown-up' suppliers that have worldwide offices... if you only want a small quantity - ask for samples, you might strike lucky!

Start with Arrow...


or Future


There's at least half a dozen other major players besides the infamous Farnell (who at least will supply anyone with money)...


- 17th March 2006, 11:41

I heard that in the southern hemisphere you still have to use the glue for
SMD manufacturing otherwise the components fall down. Is that true?

(See address bottom of the screen).

(See contact top right corner).

(See address bottom left of the screen).

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- 17th March 2006, 16:18
Oups.. misreading error... i'm dyslexic now.. fff one other thing to resolve i guess.

- 17th March 2006, 16:56
not sure if they have what you need but a good source of parts anyway

- 18th March 2006, 06:08
(Americans and their geography, tut tut :))

"Mister_e" is Canadian, not American.

(Australians and their geography, tut tut :))

- 18th March 2006, 14:12
Not sure but I believe Digi-Key will ship to Australia heres a link if you want to inquire about it

- 19th March 2006, 05:02
"Mister_e" is Canadian, not American.

(Australians and their geography, tut tut :))
:) Damn, I was hoping like hell he was from the US, but I didn't actually know.

(walks away with tail between his legs)

- 19th March 2006, 05:07
Thanks for all the suggestions. Jaycar is my usual supplier, they are the number one shop for hobbyists here in Australia. Futurlec have 0805 50V ceramic caps in reels of 4000. I think I'll buy a reel of 4000 100nF caps, and just use multiples of 100nF to get other values at the moment. Virtually all designs need a sprinkling of 100nF anyway....

Futurlec also have some interesting dev boards for people who are interested, and they have a wide range from PIC stuff to AVR stuff to USB stuff. Definitely worth checking out if you haven't seen their site.

The other places like Farnell and RS are much more geared towards companies. If you don't have a business and/or a credit card, they're not easy to do business with.

I'll check out the other links you guys sent me.

edit: Just to clarify, I'm talking about low budget hobby/prototyping suppliers here. Retail stuff, not wholesale. Small quantities etc.

- 19th March 2006, 17:07
hey Forgie looks like Mouser deals down under too check it out