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- 11th March 2006, 21:09

I bought this LCD from EBay:

WM-G2406D (ver. 2) is written on the back of the PCB. The only datasheet I have is here:

I'm uncertain as to how to wire the V0 and VEE pins. I've found an unrelated schematic that connects them to ground with a potentiometer here:

But I have doubts and would appreciate confirmation.

I downloaded a PIC Basic Pro program to test my LCD from here:
File name: glipict2.bas

I know the author of the program used a Toshiba LCD, but that should only affect the pinout on the LCD. What matters is that both use a T6963C controller and is of the same dimension as the Wintek (240x64).

I am using a PIC 16F877 at 20MHz just like in the program, but nothing happens, blank screen with nice green backlight. I've wired the LCD as the datasheet recommends and I've double-checked the pins on the PIC. I'm at a loss to explain what I'm doing wrong. I know the pic works properly 'cause I've added some switches and LEDs and that works fine.

Sorry for the long post, I tried to put in as much information as possible. I'm guessing that it has to do with the wiring of the LCD. The EBay seller said it only required 5V DC, but I'm wondering if he has his facts straight. The datasheet says model "D" has a single power supply, that would lead me to believe I need a 2nd one to power the LCD. Another thing that sticks out in the datasheet is the Supply Voltage for LCD: VDD-V0 = 12V typical.

I just don't have enough knowledge and experience to link all the dots.


- 11th March 2006, 22:08
have a look there

be sure your supply is clean and un-noisy. Some GLCDs seems to be noise sensitive. Worst if the cable length between your Board and your LCD is a little bit long. Pace some 10uF tantalum+0.1 uF as close as you can of your GLCD supply lines.

Should work... or you're another eBay victim LMAO!!!

Oh here's a great source for about everything... www.epanorama.net

- 11th March 2006, 22:41
The LCD still had the original protective film over the display, the contacts are unused and it is dust free. I'm pretty sure the claim of it being 'new' is true, I must be screwing up something.

Thanks for the links, gonna check them out.


- 30th March 2006, 22:39
Well, I got it working thanks to the folks who posted code over at CompSys.

I was able to print, now if I can just figure out how to get a SED1335 gLCD going.


- 5th March 2007, 14:50
thinking about buying one of these any updates on this thread?