View Full Version : "PIC 16f877 - Parallel output to Serial output Convertor - C program"

- 20th January 2006, 15:03
Hi All,

Can anyone help me by providing
"PIC 16f877 - Parallel output to Serial output Convertor - C program"
Note: pin = 28

I'm extremely sorry for asking so bluntly as my stream of qualification is non-engineering and i dont understand head or tail of it.

The very reason i want this code is to gift it to the most special person in my life - who is also my girlfriend. This is most URGENT; any kind of help (if not the exact code) will also be of great help.

I shall be very grateful for all your support!!! Time is of utomost importance.


- 20th January 2006, 17:52
1. This isn't a 'C' forum... it is for users of MeLabs PICBasic Compilers.

2. Posting in every category is only going to waste your time as your posts get deleted...

3. Girls normally prefer diamonds, flowers or chocolates (usually in that order)...

- 20th January 2006, 21:09
Tsk, tsk, tsk!

Girls are a very expensive sport, i guess!

And from my experience, the OR operator should be replaced with the AND operator. Like this:

Happy_Girls = (Diamond AND flowers AND chocolates)