View Full Version : Flowchart software

Ron Marcus
- 18th December 2005, 14:36
Is there some windoze based software out there to make some professional looking flowcharts for programming ? I think it would be a nice touch for some of my projects, and make the learning curve shorter when asked to change a couple of modules months down the road.


- 18th December 2005, 14:48
check this out Ron


Ron Marcus
- 19th December 2005, 20:24
A little pricey, but just what I was looking for. Thanks.


- 19th December 2005, 21:56
I use Micro$oft Viso.... in the pricey camp... why not use the flow charting symbols in Word, Excel, or Power Point? View>Toolbars>Drawing will give you the toolbar, then the flowcharting symbols are in the autoshapes.