View Full Version : Graphic LCDs

- 3rd March 2004, 17:17
Has anyone used the pic to driver a graphic lcd instead of a character one? If so how much work is it compare to the character one?

- 11th April 2004, 19:51
RTFM as we say in the trade, check the manual for the pic basic, theres are example circuits to show possible connections. however note that using a graphic LCD is a little more complex 2 reasons. a) the display is dumb and has to have fonts loaded to it which have to be included in your program listings. and b) there are a few more data wires etc.
once you get it working it'll bring a whole new light than over using a standard 2 line LCD.


Tim B
- 20th April 2004, 10:04
GLCD's are great fun and really easy to use with the right code.

Here is some examples of what can be done with them