View Full Version : RF communications

Ron Marcus
- 20th September 2005, 12:17
Rf comms seems to be a regular topic. Do you think it merits it's own category?

- 27th October 2005, 04:33
I agree.

Unless anyone knows of other good forums that deal with this topic?

- 29th October 2005, 15:53
I would love to see a section for radio frequency.

- 2nd November 2005, 23:28
A while ago I had about the same feeling and thought adding some categories would help to structure information.

Several categories have been added since.

Looking at the results today I feel it has not helped at all.

People do post whereever they want.

~70% of the overall number of threads/posts are in the PBP category
eventhough there would have been more appropriate categories for many of the threads.

As long as there is no moderation I feel we don't need any more categories.